Install Joomla in your Website

24 Mar
Joomla! is a content-management software program designed to assist users with running a website. Rather than editing actual HTML, individuals running a Joomla! site can use the software’s visual editor and extension packages to modify and create new web pages. Thus, even individuals who do not have web design experience can run a Joomla!-based site. Setting up a Joomla! site can help web designers create user-friendly websites quickly and efficiently.
Before we start creating a website, we must select the correct content management software for the website. Some are offline and some are online. What we suggested here are : Joomla! and wordpress, which is easy-to-use and there is many professional designed template with a little or no cost.
Following steps shows how you can install a joomla! software to your webhosting website.

things you’ll need:

  • Webhosting account with domain name
  • Joomla! software
  • FTP software
  1. Register a hosting account with a web host service provider capable of running the Joomla! software. The host must be able to run Apache, PHP 4.2+ and MySQL 3.23+. Usually, such advanced features come with an additional price.
  2. Download the Joomla! installation package from the official Joomla! website. While older versions are typically available, download the most recent version of the system for the smoothest experience and the least amount of bugs and errors. Double-click the final downloaded file to unzip it.

  3. Set up MySQL on your web host server. MySQL database creation settings can be found in your account settings when you log in to your host. Write down the name of the database, the name of the host and your database account name and password. These details are typically listed in your MySQL settings. Contact your web host if you are unsure of where to locate this information.

  4. Launch your FTP software. Sync the software with your web host server. If prompted, provide your account name, domain and password for server access. If you cannot remember this information, refer to the registration documents provided to you when you first registered an account with your respective web hosting service provider.

  5. Drag the unzipped folder from Step 2 to your FTP software to upload it to your host. Wait for the upload process to finish before closing the FTP program. This may take several minutes depending on the kilobyte speed of your Internet connection.

  6. Launch the web browser of your choice (e.g., Safari on a Mac or Internet Explorer on a Windows PC). Enter your domain name into the address bar and press “Enter” on your keyboard. Your browser will navigate to your domain and display the Joomla! welcome page.

  7. Click “Next” in the top right-hand corner of the Joomla! screen to run the pre-installation diagnostics test. Joomla! double checks that your server is compatible with the software. Upon completion of the test, the Joomla! software will initiate the installation process. Follow the on-screen prompts to install. You will need to provide details such as your chosen name for the site and the MySQL database information you wrote down in Step 3. Joomla! is now installed and you may access its configuration pages to begin creating and editing new web pages on your Joomla! site.

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